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Malvern Residence

Status: Completed Project


Architect + Interiors: Sync


Rebuilt with modern luxury in mind; our Malvern Residence is fitted with a spiral staircase finished in bespoke polished Venetian plaster, an array of monochrome marble and stone, complemented by natural light coming from a total of 14 skylights across the property. 

20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 134.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 72.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 45.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 98.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 29.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 11.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 32.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 39.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 25.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 59.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 47.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 167.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 61.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 95.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 4.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 102.jpg
20240221_SYNC_Lysterville_ 1.jpg

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